Old West Comes Alive

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Filling myths with good, bad, ugly

Fictional tales grow in stature


Snarling summer heat, winter cold

Hostile climate conditions reign


Dreaming to grow up as cowboys

Distraught mothers asking sons, “Why?”


Blessing every cowboy and horse

Inseparable life partners


Riding herd on open prairie

Longest, loneliest days and nights


Hungering for silver and gold

Outlaws robbing another train


Breathing fire with every six-gun

Unbeatable law of Old West


Searching dreams, with each hard day’s ride

Drifters, without any name


Pursuing mystical treasure

Phantom fortunes never found


Covering endless, open range

Enormous ranches stretching out


Seeking freedom, farming homesteads

Young families journey out west


Springing up, middle of nowhere

Small towns come alive overnight


Begging for help, clean up our town

Citizens hire ageless lawman


Enduring hard life, little pay

Old West struggles, never fading


Photo by Jesse Zheng on Pexels.com

6 thoughts on “Old West Comes Alive

  1. You’re right, Richard. Struggling against the weather, greedy men, and other evils, striving for riches, security and freedom–these endeavors have been part of the human experience since time began. Perhaps we have more in common with our ancestors than we realize. Many of the struggles of the Old West you highlight (so well) here are with us still!

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