Trivia’s Facts and More (9/17)

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This informative post will be posted on Saturday along with my usual writing.  You are invited to participate with the opening question.

Brain Teaser Question

You are competing in a linear race and overtake the runner in second place.  In which position are you now?

(answer found at the end of this post)

Featured Facts

One of North America’s most-enduring animals is the coyote.  Living throughout much of the continent, these adaptive mammals no longer have any primary predators.  Their range has grown steadily over the years, and their population is likely at an all-time high.

The wily coyote will howl at the moon, much like a wolf.  It possesses a bushy tail, very similar to a fox.  Because of these characteristics, coyotes are sometimes mistaken for a wolf or a fox.

Feasting on a diet of rodents, rabbits, birds, reptiles, frogs, small animals, and even deer, the coyote is usually blessed with an abundance of available food.  Fortunately in the world of animation, Wile E. Coyote is still chasing the cunning Roadrunner.

Coyote roaming during wintertime (note the bushy, fox-like tail). (courtesy of Pinterest)

Answer to Brain Teaser Question

Second place.  You overtook the second runner and took his place, therefore you are not in second.

10 thoughts on “Trivia’s Facts and More (9/17)

  1. I’ve even seen coyotes loping down the middle of the parking lot of my suburban apartment complex. Funny to see the balance of nature work itself out. After the coyotes have been around for a while, the feral cats disappear. When the cats are gone, so are the coyotes — for a while.

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    • Thanks Linda for sharing. Our urban areas are very much a place for numerous wildlife. Recently, my wife and I witnessed two young deer crossing a busy avenue during the afternoon. We were thankful that they made it across safely.


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