Monday Memories: Where is Hope?

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The location of Hope County can’t be found on any maps

Perhaps hope resides in our caring hearts, ready to tap


Last year’s drought

Brings misery and dried-up hope

Optimistic farmers seed spring crops with unwavering hope


A nearby processing plant

Will close soon with vanishing hope

Hurting families look to God for new hope


A nation’s inner fiber

Torn and ripped apart with faltering hope

Martin Luther King proclaims a message of rebuilding hope


A man sits despaired and forlorn

Being laid off with a future that offers spiritless hope

Receiving a new job brings praise to a God of immense hope


A crime-ridden neighborhood

Breathes each day with an absence of hope

Community spirit and love return with true hope


A charred Apollo spacecraft

Dashes an American moon journey with little hope

Neil Armstrong walks on the moon with restored hope


A scorned and forgotten child

Feels left out at school with fading hope

A passionate teacher smiles and brings refreshing hope


A middle-aged woman

Receives news that her body is filled with cancer and no hope

Prayers intercede filled with cancer-free and grace-filled hope


A sin-filled world

Awaits a Savior with never-ending hope

God sends His Son to deliver eternally-filled hope


Our world contains many places

Where hearts are filled with everlasting spirit and hope

Let’s never turn-off for a second our amazing hope


The Bible speaks a great deal about hope.  Search for numerous examples such as from Romans 15:13:  “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

13 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Where is Hope?

  1. Thank you, Richard for these inspirational verses. We must never lose hope, because through it we will eventually see the face of God. Our greatest hope is in Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice which makes all of us new again.

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