Monday Memories: Expressions of Hope

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Expressions of hope are written throughout the Old Testament.  At times, the people of Israel lost hope, but God always found ways to restore their trust and hope to believe in Him.  

From Psalm 65:5:  “By awesome deeds you answer us with deliverance, O God of our salvation; you are the hope of all the ends of the earth and the farthest seas.

Broken faith with God

Flicker of hope remains

Have hope, seek God

Hopeful in His deeds


Place our Living God

Above all other gods


Light turns into darkness

Hiding in the shadows

Yet, God remains close

Hope grows once again


Living tree of hope

Will live into eternity

New buds always sprout

Strength from the Father


There is always hope

Even in darkest times


Life’s trials uproot hope

Adversaries line up against

God hears our cries

Intervenes when hope’s weak


Ancestors of Jacob witness

Their hope in God

The God of Jacob

Always God of Hope


God keeps His decrees

Believe, look to God


God remains always faithful

Our Lord reigns forever

For God’s righteous believers

Hope ends in gladness


Way of the Lord

Offers refuge with wisdom

Follow God with hope

Always in our hearts


Tree of Life endures

Ready to sustain us


Hope shows the light

Steady on life’s course

When spirit is dried

Hope quenches our thirst


God opens hope’s door

Inviting us to enter



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