Most Special Place

Photo by Sarah Chai on

Mothers occupy life’s most special place

Loving their family, sharing God’s grace


Mothers share generous spirit each day

Teaching with Christ’s love, parenting His way


Mothers brighten each home’s earthy landscape

Making time sweeter as household takes shape


Mothers nurture children, unselfish love

Following God’s mercy, shining above


Mothers dream of humble lives with fresh starts

Sharing God’s lasting peace with fragile hearts


Mothers’ self-sacrifice, her shining light

Giving of herself, tender lives take flight


Mothers seeking what’s best in newborn’s life

Praying for harmony, absent of strife


Mothers devote selves, God’s highest calling

Preventing precious new lives from falling


Mothers encourage with God’s building blocks

Witnessing playtime in backyard’s sandbox


Mothers leave legacy within each child

Living righteously with God, reconciled


Mothers cherish every blessed step

Sprinkling heaven’s stardust at love’s doorstep


Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on

23 thoughts on “Most Special Place

  1. This is so beautiful, Richard! I’ve been reflecting and writing about motherhood. Thank you for this beautiful tribute. God’s blessings to you both. Happy Mothers Day to your sweet wife!

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