Monday Memories: Fulfilling a Writer’s Fate

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Lying awake in bed, feeling ready to write

Morning light feeling much too bright


Searching in my head for ideas to write about

Will today’s words offer and deliver much clout?


Sitting, thinking, and sitting . . . nothing!

Why can’t my mind create something?


Perhaps more coffee will warm up my mind

Hoping that possible ideas may soon be mine


Do all writers usually feel this way?

With little or nothing to really say


Hunger offers quick, necessary break

Nutritious breakfast, now I will make


Finished eating and returning to my writing table

Satisfied appetite doesn’t make me anymore able


Struggling through another writer’s block

Tired eyes continue watching the ticking clock


Wow!  This short poem I now create

Finally, fulfilling my writer’s fate 


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12 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Fulfilling a Writer’s Fate

  1. Love how writing about writers block ended it as well. Your examples of writers block while dancing around it were on point for me. I always say if I reach one person , I’m happy, yet truth is , would love to reach more. I guess that’s my writers flaw. To be scared I put my all in the writing and it goes unread. I had writers block several times this year, feels like I’m finally coming away from it. Happy writing trails to you!

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    • Debbie, I appreciate your own journey with writing. I have been blessed with an appetite to craft poetry and stories. The most important reason I write is for myself. The adventure has taken me to many places with my writing and the people whom I have met. Happy trails to you along this writing adventure.

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  2. Love this poem!!! It just goes to show that when we begin to write, we discover we do have something to say. Starting is sometimes the hardest part… Once we begin, our thoughts begin to flow and it is as if a whole universe of ideas open up to us. (I love your poems!)

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    • Susan, I appreciate your response. I must admit that my writing adventure doesn’t end up with too much “writer’s block.” Now if I tried writing a book, I might have a whole different perspective. Blessings to you. Merry Christmas!


    • Karla, I appreciate your kind words. Most times, my type of writing (poetry and short stories) tends to insulate me from the fury of “writer’s block.” I admire anyone (such as yourself) who takes on writing a book. Blessings to you. Merry Christmas!

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