Family’s Love

From 1 John 4:7:  “Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.”

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Vulnerable and broken

Young lives scattering like chaff

Fractured, alone in darkness

Story needs new paragraph


Emulating Jesus’ love

Family opens their home

One lost child, then another

Spirit reaches out, love roams


Called by Christ, door swings open

Wrapping His love around each

Two daughters bond as sisters

New lessons waken to teach


Family’s love grows daily

Centered around faith and trust

Christ’s joy filling each new page

Four lives together, robust


Future looking brighter now

Surrounded by parents’ love

Sisters linking together

Jesus smiles from above


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In the United States, the month of November recognizes the significance of adoption.  When a family reaches out to provide foster care for a deserving child, this is one of life’s most unselfish, blessed tasks.  As in the case of our family, this story opens life’s new chapter for our granddaughters, both adopted into our family.  

13 thoughts on “Family’s Love

  1. How wonderful! Praise be to God and blessings to your family as it grows in love and fellowship with our Savior and with each other. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound spun in your poetry and in our hearts. Thanks for sharing, Richard.

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