Monday Memories: Take My Place

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Have you ever thought?

About the significance of a chair

Providing comfort and relaxing care


Chairs, many in number

Starring in all sizes and shapes

Making for countless escapes


Summertime in the backyard

A sturdy, relaxing hammock waits

Making afternoon naps an ideal fate


Looking for a cool place to sit

Bean bag chairs, ready for fun

Comfortable seats for everyone


A rocking chair seldom sits alone

Inviting story time for two

Grandma reads, right on cue


Every living room offers choices

A colorful sofa seats two, maybe more

Crowding together, let’s not try for four


Extra chairs needed at an event

Arriving much, much too late

A folding chair will be my fate


Summer sun, surf, and sand

Sitting at the beach, carries the day

Relaxing under brilliant, sunny rays


Energetic, little people arrive

Parking themselves in tiny banana seats

Rocking with laughter, enjoying some treats

laughter, without any cares


An oversized recliner, in a corner

Always my best and most favorite place

Stretching out to relax, by the fireplace


Before you go, I have one request to ask

Will you please “take my place” in this special chair

The dentist is eager and ready, with genuine care


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11 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Take My Place

  1. As I sit in my comfy overstuffed chair in the corner, facing the sofa, the swivel chair with ottoman, the recliner, and a tiny antique rocker, your poetry captured my heart. I had to go back and read it twice more! ❤ ❤

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