Warm Breezes

A view of Long Wharf along the Choptank River at Cambridge, Maryland. Chesapeake Bay is waiting on the horizon. (photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Early morning’s reversing wind

No longer facing fierce headwind


Life takes comfort in day ahead

Thrilled to be awake, out of bed


Skipjack sailing away from home

Leaving Choptank’s berth, free to roam


Adventure waiting, take it on

Facing nature, ready with brawn


Pride of Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Nathan of Dorchester explores


With summer day’s life-giving breeze

She skims across these waves with ease


Distant river shoreline fading

Chesapeake Bay, now invading


Each crew member tackles his tasks

Loving this boat, each effort basks


With warm breezes, life’s sails now fill

Each port of call, sharing goodwill

A skipjack cuts through the water on the Choptank River. It is the official boat of the state of Maryland. (photo courtesy of Pinterest)

The inspiration for this poem comes from my travels to Maryland’s Eastern Shore along the Choptank River at Cambridge.  While I haven’t sailed on the Skipjack Nathan of Dorchester (yet), it is something I would enjoy experiencing during a future summer trip back to my wife’s hometown.

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