Monday Memories: God’s Miracle

Published in April, 2019, this faith-based poem remains the most viewed post on Big Sky Buckeye.  The theme of family and adoption hits close to home, and this poem honors a family very dear to my wife and I.  Their story has been a true and rewarding journey of faith with our Lord.

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God always manages an astonishing plan

He stretches His hands across the land



He spends six days building His creation

Then, He smiles at His brilliant sensation


Again and again, God shows He is in charge

His Holy presence looms, caring and large


His Book of Life satisfies with infinite pages

He sends His Son as a sacrifice, for the ages


When our Savior rises on Easter morn

God proving, His love will always adorn



A woman grows up, dreaming of more

She longs to be a wife with love to soar


She looks forward to being a mother

God would have it this way, no other


A devoted man with his son, will now deploy

Her sacred marriage brings to her much joy


She becomes a wife and mother in one day

Wow!  God’s plan brings much delight today



Alas, something is missing in a life filled with peace

An unfilled yearning to bear a child, the final piece


Through much prayer, faithful words to offer

This couple places their trust with the Father


A young girl appears, needing a loving place

They become her foster parents, with haste


Over time, this girl discovers love, with such vastness

Her home permeates with love, without any sadness



But wait—the story carries on for a year

Now adoption lies ahead, without fear


Father, mother, son, and now a daughter

God’s love touches all, thicker than water


Praise God, our heavenly Father this day

Praise His miracles that astound and say


God always manages an astonishing plan

He stretches His hands across the land


10 thoughts on “Monday Memories: God’s Miracle

  1. This poem touched my heart. Our son and daughter-in-love adopted four children. Our grandchildren are now in their mid-to-late twenties and two of them have children of their own now. God does indeed give us the desires of our heart and then some!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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