Winter’s Slumber

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Winter’s slumber takes hold

Life rests from freezing cold


Living on the vast plains

God’s hand guides, holds the reins


Barren trees wait and watch

Fresh snow paints whitest swatch


Rhythm of life exhales

Time waits for springtime’s trails 


North winds blow, chill the land

Hollow sounds, winter’s band


Cattle ask for more feed

Ranchers care for their needs


Clear, sunny skies pretend

Sly, cold temps now transcend


Daily routines slow down

More time to spend in town


Chinook winds warm the land

Snug tease, then cold expands


Quietness covers farms

Planting waits for spring’s charms


Neighbors check-in each day

Ready to help and pray

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

Most of my years of teaching in Montana were in small towns, surrounded by a community of farms and ranches.  Life during the wintertime was challenging, but the close-knit people looked out for each other.

17 thoughts on “Winter’s Slumber

    • Susan, it is wonderful you grew up on a farm. I was actually a city kid when I was growing up in Montana. Little did I know that much of my years of teaching in Montana would be spent in farming and ranching communities.


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