Special Repost: Friday, the 13th!

This poem was originally written for another Friday, the 13th, back in December, 2019.  Today seems like an appropriate time to publish it again.  Of course, I am usually not too superstitious.  Hmm, where are my lucky socks?

Photo by Drigo Diniz on Pexels.com

Does Friday, the 13th, bring on bad luck?

Breaking a mirror, let’s not make a scene

Crossing paths with a black cat, now fear struck

This Friday’s trying hard, to make us scream


Let’s focus on a different number

Twelve delivers a comforting meaning

Twelve Days of Christmas, never to shudder

Twelve Tribes of Israel, never demeaning


For some people, “thirteen” seems unlucky

Not really sure why others whine and fuss

Heading out the door with my dog Lucky

Snow flurries in June, now that’s treasonous!


So, what’s the big deal about the 13th?

Just change the calendar to the 14th


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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