Endless Race

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Running on this daily treadmill, filling life’s gloomy story

Falling behind in life’s endless race, without much glory


Working Nine to Five, five long days each week

Stumbling through every month, looking bleak


Forgetting when life last paused for any vacation

Punching in, punching out . . . time clock fixation


Heating up life’s pressure cooker, deadlines loom ahead

Hoping the lid doesn’t blow off, propelled into tiny shreds


Watching everyone trying to row in the same boat

Rowing in separate directions, now barely afloat


Refueling the tank, this coffee break no longer helps

Scurrying on empty, might just as well holler a yelp


Taking the elevator to another miserable meeting

Ending up on the wrong floor, no warm greeting


Driving home each night, worn down to a blown-out frazzle

Stopping at the same red traffic light, it no longer dazzles


Racing every day, life delivers another coup de grace

Looking left, then right . . . who’s winning this rat race?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

18 thoughts on “Endless Race

  1. WHEN IT’S A RAT RACE, ONLY THE RATS WIN. Ooops… cap lock… don’t shout! You said it so well, {{{Richard}}}, “Watching everyone trying to row in the same boat/ Rowing in separate directions, now barely afloat.” The image of that rings true to so much of what’s going on in society today. We’re all in the same boat, but we’re divided into adversarial groups… all facing opposing directions, all rowing against each other, going nowhere fast. UNITY IS POWER! That’s worth shouting. That’s the sticker I have on my car right now. I need it on a yard sign. I need it stitched on my heart.

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  2. Beautiful poem Mr. Richard, as always. I often ponder the “rat race” out there myself. I’ve had a major prayer answered. And I thank you for your prayers. With that being said, it had everything to do with not being a part of the “rat race”. When I downsized (it took me 4 moves) to my R.V. I would dwell on those running over each other on the roads….to leave their homes to hurriedly go to a place to pay for their homes in which they are never home. Oh boy! We’re all rushing to go….where? To do….what? To have….what? Yes, it’s important to be financially secure and wise to take care of one’s family. But I feel some are living in a huge hamster wheel, turning and turning. I don’t wish to be the loudest, the fastest, or the one living in a zombie state of life. I’d “reckon” the year 2020 has brought a heart change to many; or I’m hopeful it has. It took me hitting the pavement off of a motorcycle when I was 36 to the truth of this: we get one shot at this abundant life God has given us. I vow to to be patient and intent when driving or in riding an elevator to my destination. And I hear him. I’m listening. I’m praying for those who feel trapped in an elevator. God bless you!

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    • Thanks Renee. I probably wrote with a rather sarcastic pen, but sometimes a writer needs to exaggerate to grab everyone’s attention. For the most part, my teaching career left me with far more blessings than I can ever count.


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