Simple and Easy

Sometimes I just have to laugh at TV commercials.  Nutrisystem promotes its meals for men who wish to lose weight.  Order it and the box arrives at your door.  Then just heat the meal and eat.  What can more simple than this?  This poem’s theme is written as a parody of this whole process.  As for me, I sure won’t be ordering meals in a box.

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Endless diets make the rounds

Hoping to lose a few pounds


Subscribing to EasyMeals

Delicious and thrifty deals


Simple and easy promise

Please any doubting Thomas


Order the food while online

Shipping never takes much time


Box of meals ships to the door

Bypass the grocery store


Open the box, check it quick

No more cooking, that’s the trick


Picking a meal, heat it now

Such easy and yummy chow


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks

Simple life comes in these packs


Feeling extra hungry now

Eating two meals, tasting “wow”


Going through this two-week box

In just a week, quite a shock


Stepping on the scale one day

Extra pounds plus some, shout “Hey!”

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