Monday Memories: A Hole in the Middle

This sweet poem was originally published in April, 2019, and it remains one of Big Sky Buckeye’s most viewed and liked posts.  While I now refrain from enjoying doughnuts (because I need to watch my sugars and carbs), there was a day when I could never turn down a delicious treat.  Enjoy!

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Simple, yet decadent pleasures they are

Being quite easy to locate from your car


Driving down the road each day

Now you wonder what it is, I say


The coffee’s on and ready to go

Include a doughnut for the road


Missing doughnuts for so many weeks

Passing them up is never for the meek


Call them “donuts”, many Americans say

For me, I prefer “doughnuts” to this day


My doctor instructs me, “No sugar for you!”

Now my doughnut days are sadly through


However, doughnut temptation sings a song

If I reach for one, there is a deafening gong!


Sorry mister, there will never be doughnuts for you

So I continue down the road, singin’ the sad blues


Who made the doughnut hole in the middle?

Now that has always been quite the riddle


Waking up in the middle of a lonesome night

Dreaming of doughnuts makes a sugary sight


While some folks are addicted to Krispy Kreme

My doughnut tastes envision a different theme


Boston Cream, Long John, and Jelly

All sound delicious to my hungry belly


Old-fashioned, Sour Cream, and Glazed

Why can’t I enjoy a simple one today?


Now in my car and hungrily driving at midnight

The Jolly Pirate Donut shop stays open all night


I pull into the empty parking lot with sad surprise

The sign reads, “Closed tonight”— alas no prize!


This poem could continue on and on and on for sure

Does anyone have a doughnut to share with this sir?

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Here’s a final footnote:

In the classic film “It Happened One Night”

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert are a fright

Gable, the newspaper man, enlightens

Colbert, the heiress, never frightens

As they travel the back roads and stop

For a cup of hot coffee at a tiny shop

. . . with doughnuts for dunkin’

26 thoughts on “Monday Memories: A Hole in the Middle

    • I understand Jan. Besides doughnuts, there are a few foods which no longer find their way because of my need to watch carbs and sugars. But . . . I can still remember the day when there wasn’t a doughnut which probably wasn’t my friend.

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  1. What a fun read! This took me back to a time when my husband and I would stop at a tiny bakery in our town that in my opinion, served the best chocolate, with chocolate icing, and crushed peanuts on top doughnut ever (whew!). Fun memory, but as the hymn says, “no turning back.”

    Liked by 1 person

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