Scenic Mountain Vistas

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Sitting home, isolated and alone

Taking virtual trips, changes life’s tone


America’s landscapes invite us in

Scenic mountain vistas, adventures grin


Alaska Range, home to our northernmost peaks

Denali “the tall one” forever speaks


Cascade Range roams the Pacific Northwest

Snow-capped volcanoes offer stunning quests


Sierra Nevada’s enchanted land

Host national parks, majestic and grand


Rocky Mountains form this nation’s backbone

Stunning beauty, more precious than gemstones


Sawtooth Mountains salute from Idaho

Endless summits bring skiers to the snow


Bighorn Mountains, sacred to native ways

Montana-Wyoming border sings praise


Adirondack Mountains, New York’s playground

Winter skiing, fall foliage—best around


Great Smoky Mountains push for Tennessee

Fog-covered peaks, spellbinding all agree


Blue Ridge Mountains welcome us back home

Free-flowing Shenandoah smiles and roams

Photo by Polina Chistyakova on

Wherever you live or where your travels take you, you may have a favorite mountain paradise.  One of my precious favorites is the Beartooth Mountains in south-central Montana, a stone’s throw away from Yellowstone National Park.  

You are invited to share one of your special places in the comments.

Montana’s rugged Beartooth Mountains [photo courtesy of pinterest].

26 thoughts on “Scenic Mountain Vistas

  1. Ah yes, Richard, it is such a joy to live in a spot where three mountain ranges are within the view of my windows… east to the Madison Range, north to the Tobacco Roots, and south to the Gravellys. I can’t imagine living in a flat valley again where all I saw was more flat land in all directions! I love the mountains! All of them!! ❤ Lovely post… makes me want to get out and explore. ❤

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