Living with Confidence

A very early poem of mine was entitled “Still a Desperate Man” which was inspired by Eric Church’s top country music hit of “Desperate Man.”  If you missed the earlier poem, follow the link.  I want to thank Jim Borden of Borden’s Blather for encouraging me to write this sequel.  I encourage you to check out Jim’s blog with its wonderful and inspiring variety of posts.

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Waking up each morning, right on time

My alarm clock allows this day to climb

Feeling happiness—this life now rhymes


Driving to work in a brand new set of wheels

With low monthly payments, my wallet squeals

Feeling joy—kicking up these dancing heels


Returning from work, this day’s in the books

Satisfied with how that hefty, new raise looks

Feeling elation—inviting a new life’s chinook


Opening up the fridge, filled with favorite delights

Dinner tonight, taking taste buds to new heights

Feeling serenity—life marches in bright lights


Opening the mail one quiet afternoon

My love’s note makes this heart swoon

Feeling peace—love takes us to the moon


Looking forward to seeing her this weekend

Her love will always be a blessed godsend

Feeling humility—life no longer at loose ends


This incredible life now follows a new game plan

Sailing calm waters aboard life’s catamaran

No longer will I ever feel like a desperate man

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

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