Big Sky Memories

I must admit that I have been feeling a bit homesick in thinking of my native state of Montana, where much of my family still lives.  This poem and photographs share some past memories of experiencing these awesome wonders of the Big Sky state, and I look forward to visiting when Covid-19 finally takes a backseat.

Looking downstream, the scenic Madison River as seen along U.S. Highway 287 between Hebgen Lake and the delightful community of Ennis.

Dreaming often of Montana’s Big Sky

Feeling more like an eagle, flying high


Revisiting wide open eastern plains

Watching combines harvesting ripened grains


Driving switchbacks on the Beartooth Highway

Topping amazing heights, wishing to stay


Floating the Yellowstone, like yesterday

Spending time with old friends, lasting all day


Scaling Baldy Mountain, there’s just one goal

Reaching the “M” without taking a roll


Fishing the scenic Madison once more

Joining Herb and his grandson, trout in store


Exploring limestone caverns underground

Enjoying mysteries, yet to be found


Walking the Bear Paw Mountains near Chinook

Learning Nez Perce history, without books


Motoring down the “Going to the Sun”

Chasing this highway to the setting sun


Flying over this amazing “Last Best Place”

Returning soon for another sweet taste

From the summer of 2018, climbing the trail to the largest block “M” in the country. The “M” stands for Montana State University, where I graduated from 40 years earlier.

23 thoughts on “Big Sky Memories

  1. Ah yes, there are “mysteries, yet to be found,” and among them is visiting the mysteries of the Beekmans’ place in Ennis. We look forward to meeting you, Richard and Colleen, in person! And Bob would love to take you and Herb out on his drift boat to Ennis Lake for some trout just waiting to be caught!

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    • Thanks again for your invitation Jan. In due time, my wife and I will journey to Montana. Meeting you and Bob would be a wonderful treat. Herb was the grandfather of one of my childhood friends. He and his wife, Mel, owned a cabin on the eastern side of the lake.

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  2. I’m waiting to travel, too, and getting just a little restless. I have an aunt in Kansas City in an assisted living place who’s waiting for her restrictions to be eased. There’s no sense making the trip if I can’t see her!

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