Failing Once Again

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Failing once again

Life’s troubles bomb away


Whom shall I turn to?


Failing once again

Darkness moves ever closer


Where is the light?


Failing once again

Shame swallows me up


How can my spirit be restored?


Failing once again

Life’s torments engulf me


Why . . . why?


Failing once again

Loneliness surrounds my heart


What recourse do I have?


Failing once again

Life’s hour glass, now nearly empty


When will I be free?


selective focus photography of hour glass

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Failing once again . . .


Turning to my Heavenly Father

Never thinking of me as a bother


From a Cross, Salvation’s light sheds hope

Pulled up from the Pit by a Holy rope


Kneeling before the Savior, sins and all

Humbling following Him will be my call


Through a broken body and shed blood

By Grace alone, escaping life’s flash flood

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The structure of this poem features dual parts.  In the beginning verses, the reader is taken to a much darker place.  Using themes of sorrow, darkness, and hopelessness presents a challenge to both the reader and the writer.  In answering the questions found in the poem, the ending verses are structured around common Christian themes of hope, joy, light, and rebirth.

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