Elfchen Series #16 (Biographies)

Mark Twain


Mississippi River

Tom and Huck

Classics of American literature


bookcase books collection cover

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Louis Pasteur


French born

Researcher of vaccinations

Saving thousands of lives


syringe and pills on blue background

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com


John Wayne


“Stagecoach” fame

“The Quiet Man”

Saddles up “True Grit”


silhouette of person riding horse

Photo by Juanjo Menta on Pexels.com

19 thoughts on “Elfchen Series #16 (Biographies)

      • True Grit and The Shootist are my top two. And McClintock makes me giggle so much too. How do you choose? I was just looking at my pics from when I visited his hometown. I’m a Western fan from age of a toddler thanks to my Dad (Audie Murphy). And I still watch The Rifleman reruns and my channel stays on “Grit” when I go to campground office to work. I may be a little obsessed. 😊😆

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        • Thanks for sharing K. L. “True Grit” shows a side of John Wayne which very few of his movies show. The “Shootist” is a sad film in many ways because we know in real life the Duke was riding the trail one final time. Two of my favorite films are “Rio Grande” which is part of director John Ford’s cavalry triology, and “The Quiet Man” with its very believable chemistry with Maureen O’Hare with a beautiful setting in Ireland.

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