Vigorous Joy

From Christian campus ministry founder, Bill Bright:  “The joy of God is experienced as I love, trust, and obey God–no matter the circumstances.”

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Celebrating Jesus each and every day

Receiving our lasting, priceless gift of joy

Smiling faces, always with kind words spoken

Experiencing our Lord’s vigorous joy


Child of God, leaping with joy

Messiah’s birth, sends great joy


Rejoicing, today rises up as God’s day

Praising our faithful, Almighty Lord with joy

Sending out His strength and hope, God’s justice reigns

Experiencing our Lord’s vigorous joy


Fruit of the Spirit, brings joy

God’s love, proclaiming His joy


Fleeing life’s messy scene, sorrow and worry

Lasting an eternity, singing with joy

Restoring in us, His joy of Salvation

Experiencing our Lord’s vigorous joy


Life’s trials, nothing but joy

Holy Spirit, shouts with joy


Waking all of the city on Easter morn

Singing praises of “Alleluia” with joy

Restoring hope, defeating death on the Cross

Experiencing our Lord’s vigorous joy


Jesus, lasting source of joy

He’s Risen! Salvation’s joy

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From John 15:11:  “I have said these things to you so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete.”

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