Monday Memories: The First Tree Is Mine

Today’s “Monday Memories” poem was previously published in February, 2019.  Enjoy its short, yet humor-filled verses which tell a bit of a story.

gray concrete roadway beside green and brown leafed trees

Photo by Craig Adderley on

Farmer Fred lives near an insignificant, small town

His atrocious driving skills are very well renowned


He pops into town usually once a week

Leaving his farmhouse to take a peek


After a day filled with nothing and too much fizzle

Fred stops over at a local tavern to wet his whistle


He orders a cheeseburger and a sweet sarsaparilla

When a wayward woman spots this handsome fella


Marge is a forgotten classmate from their high school

She navigates quite well when playing a game of pool


She stumbles over and sits down—a bit wobbly

Ordering another drink seems to be her hobby


Fred informs Marge that his driving is now restricted

He has been crashing too much and been ticketed


Marge asks, “How do you then drive that old Ford truck?”

Fred replies, “I just need a navigator to bring me luck”


He asks her, “Interested in helping me one final time?”

“Sure my dear friend!  But . . . the first tree is mine!”


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