Haiku Series #33 (Life)


Driving in style

His Montana Cadillac—

Four-wheel drive pick-up


Photo by Derwin Edwards on Pexels.com


The Chase

Driving the highway

Following the sun all day—

Brilliant setting sun

action asphalt automobile automotive

Photo by Taras Makarenko on Pexels.com


Never Lost

Cruisin’ down the road

Jammin’ to favorite tunes—

Bringin’ me back home

photo of woman driving car

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Do you have any memories of rolling on down the highway?  If so, feel free to comment and start a conversation.

7 thoughts on “Haiku Series #33 (Life)

  1. Breezing down the Nevada highway
    GPS said to turn left to our destination
    Fifty miles later, realized GPS is
    Not reliable, but too late to turn back!
    Nope, 100 mile detour ain’t fun!
    But we saw sights we woulda missed 😊🤔🤪

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    • Jan, I understand your dilemma. Years ago, my family was driving to Boise, Idaho. We took the wrong highway and were heading south instead of west. The highway mileage signs began showing the distance to Salt Lake City . . . oops!! Fortunately, we were able to find an exit and turn around without going too far out of our way.

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      • Our experience didn’t lend itself to a turn-around … we had to keep traveling along the river until we finally came to a bridge that allowed us to cross over and get to the other side (where we would’ve been if we hadn’t turned left 50 miles back!!).

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