To Be a Child

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Life staying simple each day

Small children learning, God’s way


Like a skilled potter’s clay

Growing up in amazing ways


Lives filling with unique freshness

Creating moments of tender newness


Parents providing support and love

Following God’s example, from above


God watching His only Son

Caring for His little One


Pure gentleness touching with kindness

Lighting the way with fondness


Each moment charging with adventure

Experiencing delightful walks with nature


Little things appearing awfully big

Playing, sandbox shovels seriously dig


Miniature cars creating a parade

Playing with confidence, never afraid


Small puzzles offering a challenge

Showing off a newfound talent


Pictures take-off, ready to fly

Finding a favorite book nearby


Caring sister, like none other

Loving Bubba, her big brother


Baby starting out, lovingly cute

Playing music, like a flute


A toddler replacing the baby

Bringing out endless energy, daily


Parents watching with loving smiles

Thankful for every precious mile

child playing sand with shovel and truck toy

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20 thoughts on “To Be a Child

  1. I love it!!! Richard, this brought back so many memories when my girls were little! I would take them to the park and many times instead of just watching, I would swing with them, get on the slide with them, and on the see-saws! I noticed something when I did—other parents chimed in with their kids also! I wonder why we worry so much about what others think of us? My kids have never forgotten the fun. My oldest had done the same with hers, and I’m sure my youngest will when her little one grows big enough. 🙂

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    • Renee, i appreciate your response to this poem. Our children and grandchildren are so precious, and these memories last a lifetime. I look forward to the day when I can experience the arrival of a great grandchild.


  2. WOW thank you, beautiful poem it steered up all kinds of old emotions. one can look it as a mother or yourself as well, thank you Richard, my friend. it does not let me reblog so i will put a link and a sticky for a day, again, thank you.

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  4. This poem does register with mothers and grandmothers, bringing back memories of those precious childhood years. I also enjoy the various poem formats and rhymes. Look forward to reading more.

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