Precious Day

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God’s eyes see every precious delight

His creation fills us up with vivid light

God’s steadfast love remains precious to one and all

Seeking refuge with Him, when we stumble and fall


Each day is precious, my mother reminds

Sort of makes one desire to hit “rewind”

Others bring us much, much happiness

Every day is precious, without sadness


Our own blood is precious in God’s sight

Living together in unity, pleasingly right

Life is more precious than any jewels we wear

Our Lord’s actions and words convey His care


Witnessing births of three daughters bring charm

Asking God to protect each from any and all harm

Finishing a fulfilling teaching career, on that final day

Never imagining becoming a writer with much to say


We appear amazingly precious in God’s eyes

Placing value in us, as much as the blue sky

Coming to Him with a genuineness of faith

More precious than gold, He guides our fate


Waiting for the arrival of day, with its humble form

Experiencing these moments, becomes the norm

Producing the most from God’s hallowed favors

Even sour lemons make great lemonade to savor


With grandchildren, lunch and bookstore visit

Feeling the love . . . just enjoy, wait, and sit

Summertime in Montana, with Big Sky style

Spending precious time together for awhile


Nature offers a view of God’s creative mind

Discovering precious days, forever to find

Jesus brings us Salvation, we honestly never deserve

This sturdy cornerstone of our faith, humbly we serve

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You may notice a few of my personal reflections in this poem.  There are many more to add, but these few will last for a lifetime.






17 thoughts on “Precious Day

  1. And I lay my head to rest,literally,then I remember,I have missed life’s realities from the wisdom of numbers,never blessed with so many,but I have a few here and there,some seem near,some so far yet so near,I couldn’t miss it in Ricchard’s beautiful reflection of God’ s grace and love.

    Thanks a lot for this Buckeye.Be blessed even more.Goodnight!

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