Solitary Man

arm asphalt blur close up

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Traveling across the vast land, never on the run

Asking for a ride with his hand’s seasoned thumb

Hitchhiking along the seldom traveled highways

Hoping to catch a few rides over several days


Walking alone at times, never needing a hand

Being solitary in nature, just because he can

Sleeping nearby the road most nights

Rolling out a bed, brings him no fright


Yes, he travels the road as a solitary man


Stopping at many little towns on the map

Moving on, there ain’t even time for a nap

Raining on a mid-morning, soaking him to the skin

Drying out beneath a tree, God smiles back at him


Checking his road map, nearby a highway junction

Determining at a glance, how the day will function

Catching a delicious meal at the next town

Tasting the meatloaf, known by all around


Yes, he travels the road as a solitary man


Having no family to ever call upon and see

Feeling alone at times, how his life will be

Spending a quiet night in an uncomfortable hotel bed

Waking up early, doesn’t feel quite right in his head


Experiencing nature in a perfect setting

Seeing more than most, never fretting

Baking under a blistering, burning sun this afternoon

Looking forward to a cool evening under a full moon


Yes, he travels the road as a solitary man

alone boy city lights

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Thanks for walking a few moments with the Solitary Man.  Perhaps his mind still fills with sad memories of lost loves as singer and songwriter Neil Diamond wrote in his song version of “Solitary Man.”

If you are eager to read more, take a look back at two different types of poems that relate to “Solitary Man” in a couple of different ways.  You will find a similar Christian theme in Everlasting Road while more humor is found in Still a Desperate Man.





21 thoughts on “Solitary Man

  1. My mind decided to rap your poem, an it sounded so good I could hear the beat behind it. Brilliant rhythm! Nothing I want right now but to walk through a random city in the soaking rain with a liberated heart. I want it so much my limbs ache. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing

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  2. The Neil Diamond song came to mind as soon as I read the title. That’s no doubt a function of my age, since I lived through the period when you couldn’t escape Diamond’s music. A little known fact about him is that after Hurricane Ike, he helped to rebuild the village of Oak Island here on the Texas coast. I know people who live in houses made possible by his generosity.

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  3. Good afternoon my beautiful and supporting friend, wonderful poem here, i enjoyed every single word, i like the way you connected them, also huge thank you for being such a huge supporter on my blog, i know i’m late with giving the feedback, but summer already here and i’m barely home, hugs, have a wonderful weekend❤️

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