Everlasting Road

landscape photo of pathway between green leaf trees

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

I am a solitary man traveling on an empty road

My life journey’s been an awfully heavy load


I yearn to walk a few more miles by the end of this day

My battered and worn shoes have so very much to say


I survive by myself after all of these long years

My past is filled with disappointments and tears


I have met few along this road who even say “hello”

My disheveled appearance keeps eyes looking low


I look ahead to what this day will offer to me

My weakened eyes make it challenging to see


I would welcome a hot meal and a warm shower

My bag of jerky will need to nourish for hours


I feel my energy running low on fuel just the same

My mind tries to stay alert as if playing a new game


I wish to stop by this large sycamore tree

My eyes can rest under its shade for free


I will rest and relax in peace along this quiet road

My journey will soon be finished, yet I never slowed


I will continue my peaceful trek down a lonesome route

My days are numbered, but I remain strong and stout


I am ready to meet my Lord on His righteous terms

His everlasting spirit brings much for me to affirm




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