Another Cup Please

adult beverage breakfast celebration

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My morning coffee may appear mundane

My tastes never vary and remain the same


Black with a bit of Stevia fills my cup, absolutely fine

Others whisper, “He drinks boring black every time”

A dozen years ago, coffee seldom came my way

But, my better half changed my tastes one day


Now, one cup will never satisfy this urge

My caffeine addiction, never to be purged

Even though humdrum, black coffee tastes great

I can appreciate preferences many others taste


My father turns his coffee into a tasty milkshake

Adding flavored creamer and sugar, no mistake

Others search for sweet, unique flavors to add

A shot of this or that makes them awfully glad


Excuse me for a quick moment please

This poet needs a refill, so don’t tease


Never heard of a Barista until a few days ago

Their creative coffee requires much to know

Many coffee lovers appreciate special brews

Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha to name a few


My eyes view endless coffee menus and ask

Americano, Café Latte seem like such a task

Visiting certain cafés to satisfy my caffeine fix

But always, black with sweetener does the trick

starbucks stall grayscale photo

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Looking for a Tim Hortons or a Starbucks

Serving simple, black coffee brings me luck

In traveling to places farther down the coffee road

Das KaffeeHaus and City Brew create it very bold


Hopefully, all of you appreciate coffee each day

Perhaps there is a favorite that comes your way

More coffee thoughts certainly do exist

But no more for now, I’m sure you insist


Your hot cup of delicious brew

May seem exhilarating to you

While this author writes a view

About his “boring” cup of brew


Do you have a favorite coffee brew that you absolutely enjoy?  You are invited to share your wishes in the comments.  Perhaps you can convince Big Sky Buckeye to try something a wee bit more exciting than boring, black coffee.










29 thoughts on “Another Cup Please

    • Thanks for sharing some of your favorite coffee memories. Because of my diabetic condition, I have to be careful with what goes into my coffee. Perhaps that is a reason that black with some Stevia works best for me. God bless to you as well!

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  1. COFFEE! That’s the best there is, I used a lot of sugar at one time but now just black. Although a bit of maple syrup sometimes isn’t so bad! Or even a bit of caramel flavoring. But that’s just me.😄

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  2. Very clever poem you even refer to the ‘addiction’ … make no mistake caffeine is a drug, they claim drinking too much of it was the cause of my breast cancer so no more than two cups a day now. Did have full on drug withdrawals getting off it so please be careful!

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  3. I love this poem. I love love coffee as well. I don’t have a special preference for my coffee if it smells like coffee then that’s good for me. But I do like black coffee and also cold coffee, cappuccino too, mocha is not my favorite.

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  4. major coffee addict here.
    wish i could drink it black to just pour and go.
    but i need cream and sugar.
    at least sugar.
    great writing!
    enjoyed it! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and sharing a thought. I appreciate your kind words, and I look forward to reading more of yours. Thank you for following my writing, and I hope you find others posts to read and enjoy.

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