Gentle Sounds

water rain wet drops

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Morning rain has marooned me at home

A brisk walk delayed, but never alone

Drinking coffee, another cup please

Addicted to caffeine with such ease

The early morning darkness

Stands ready in its stillness


The window is cracked open, just a bit

Hearing marvelous sounds, makes a hit

Pausing to listen and begin to write

Sounds of pleasure, being so right


Falling droplets of rain earn a trip down

Splashes on the deck, a relaxing sound

Song birds croon from atop tall trees

Sounding splendid, joyous, and free

Wet roads, close by, signal more

Amplifying car tires, ready to roar

An approaching plane flies overhead

Traveling on to Rickenbacker instead

A pair of geese flies through the sky

Their unique greeting says good-bye


My pen scratches delicately away

Listening to ink-filled words today

Simply enjoying an outlook from outside

Bringing life’s gentle sounds to me inside


“Rickenbacker” refers to Rickenbacker International Airport, south of Columbus, Ohio.  The facility provides space for civil, military, and commercial aviation needs in the central Ohio area.  The airport’s namesake is Eddie Rickenbacker, a World War I flying ace from Columbus.

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17 thoughts on “Gentle Sounds

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  2. The rhyme was flawless, the imagery, beautiful. I absolutely love the sound of rain and rain itself, enjoyed this read! Hope you are doing good, thank you for passing on the good vibe through the read- Cezane

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