Spring’s Masterpiece

2019 April 8 Chestnut Ridge 003.JPG

Witnessing God’s creation in the early dawn light

Illuminating from the sun’s rays, always so bright

Walking again on the trails at Chestnut Ridge this morn

Experiencing nature’s miracle, almost like being reborn

Hearing a chorus of birds, heralding the arrival

Welcoming all back from this winter’s survival

Flowing beneath a small bridge, a tiny creek runs by

Catching the run-off from nature’s tears which cry

Crying with happiness at God’s awesome wonder

Waking up the land from a long winter’s slumber

Sprouting skyward along the fringes of a narrow path

Adding a fresh, green carpet with color ready to splash

Rustling through the still leafless trees

Blowing wind brings a coolness for free

Appreciating these moments with God alone

Checking never to see who texts to my phone

Dashing down a steep hill, moves a solitary deer

Escaping my camera, she has nothing to fear

Spying the final remnants of an eroding tree stump

Framing its presence with moss growing in clumps

Flying in, a robin red-breast assesses the ground

Thinking to myself, haven’t seen you much around

Holding a brief meeting, a pair of squirrels scatters

Scurrying away to a safe, rotting log, now in tatters

Noticing few walking these trails, not very fast

Allowing me to enjoy a conversation that lasts

Winking through thickets of trees, towering and ancient

Shining sun brings out God’s true and loving patience

2019 April 8 Chestnut Ridge 005.JPG 

2019 April 8 Chestnut Ridge 008.JPG


18 thoughts on “Spring’s Masterpiece

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  2. So I have forgotten your first name, but not the weight of your words. When you comment on my blog, I receive your words as sincere and meaningful. Thank you. I love poetry and nature. This poem blessed me as I felt like I was walking with you. This image will stay with me: “natures tears, crying at the happiness of God’s awesome wonder”. May God bless you, brother.

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  3. What an amazing walk you had to inspire the words and picture captured in your poetry. No need for a camera, your words form a coloured picture of the awakening spring.
    Many more blessings to you.

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  4. You captured my mind from the very first word to the last, your writings are a work of art, I am truly in deep awe of reading your posts. This one had me reflecting about God’s power in my own way. Thank you very much. – Cezane

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