Down the Highway

gray pavement road towards mountains

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

Music takes many of us on a magical ride

Thoughts and images to carry by our side

A son needs to locate a way to the other side

A bridge over troubled water keeps him alive

A father educates his son to construct a better life

Carry on my wayward son without any more strife

Getting hitched and then catching a bus

We see a rich life making memories of us

The hills come alive with a musical song

How can Sister Maria never be wrong?

Drove a Chevy to the levee one day to sing

But the music died, only memories will ring

Georgy Girl walking down the street

He’ll never find another you as sweet

Heading to work with a mind slow to start

Takin’ care of business energizes his heart

Country roads, please take me home

For she is weary of feeling so alone

Her life fills with major worries, without abundant light

But she can always go downtown on any given night

The tense, western movie ends with a gunfight

With a big iron on his hip, he shows his might

We travel down an unfamiliar highway at last

“Do you know the way to San Jose? we ask

Sometimes life wants to take off and run away

Let’s all continue to roll on down the highway

The inspiration for this poem came from Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s 1975 classic rock hit, “Roll On Down the Highway.”  I was crushing some carbs while working out on my stationary bike, and I was listening to some songs from BTO. I decided to try to use parts of various song lyrics in a poem.

Did you find any familiar lyrics in the poem?  What are some of your favorite song lyrics?

27 thoughts on “Down the Highway

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