A Blogger’s Notebook Revisited

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This post is a continuation of an earlier article that was entitled “A Blogger’s Notebook.”  In case you missed it, here is a link for it:  “Blogger’s Notebook.”

Any creative journey will teach you patience and humility.  At the same time, you will witness growth in your blogging experience.  As you continue to  improve your craft, your readers will take note of the growth.  Here is a reflection that was written in my journal several weeks ago.

A new writer needs to write and continue to write without worry.  Allow your goals to promise less, and you just might deliver more.

I am beginning my seventh month here on WordPress.  Here are some thoughts of my experience.  Perhaps you can find something here to hang your hat on as well.  You are invited to comment with any thoughts, and your words will invite a prompt response as well.

Here are a few observations that come to mind from reading other blogs and evaluating my own time on WordPress.  How would you answer these short questions?

  • What is your blog’s purpose?  Is your passion reflected in what you post?  Poetry remains Big Sky Buckeye’s primary place to write.  However, even there can be opportunities to experiment and try new ways of writing a poem as well as occasionally posting a different type of writing (short story, travel feature, book review).
  • How often do you plan to post?  Do you have a definite schedule in mind?  Big Sky Buckeye generally posts every other day, so by week’s end there are at least 4-5 quality posts on this blog.
  • Do you write every day?  Are you carving out time to make your blog as successful as possible?  Try to do some type of writing or other blog-related activity nearly every day.  Whether it is writing a poem, crafting a draft for a longer post, creating artwork to publish, recording thoughts in a journal, or taking photographs to share, you will feel more fulfilled when you are writing and creating something.
  • Are you reaching out to other bloggers with thoughtful comments?  One of the most rewarding experiences that you can have is to become engaged with other bloggers.  There is a mountain of wonderful writing and sharing here on WordPress.  If you need help with your blog, search topics such as “blogging” or “art of blogging.”

Personally, I feel growth in my writing.  I am sometimes amazed at how far my writing has matured.  Secretly, someday I would welcome an opportunity to publish an anthology of my poems and short stories.  This will be for another day!

Here is one tip that I will try with a future short story post:  posting a part of the story over a series of posts.  People may feel more inclined to read a portion instead of the entire story.

In the meantime, you are invited to send me any thoughts that you wish to share.  An amazing part of maintaining a blog is staying in contact with other readers who are writing, sharing other information, and enjoying the experience here.


22 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Notebook Revisited

  1. Well said! We have been blogging on here about the same time. I started on 8-10-18 a few months after I published my book on Amazon. I like to do at least one post a day and I usually take one day off on the weekend. I agree, it’s good to have a clear purpose. My short mission statement is on my home page under the title of my blog. I’m glad you talked about reaching out to other bloggers. That is a huge part of blogging and I spend most of my time on WordPress interacting with people from all over the world. A lot of them email me too. It has become a full time ministry and I praise God for it all!

    By the way, you should publish your poems and short stories! Let me know when you do and I will be among the first to buy it. I highly recommend going the Indie Author route and self publish with Amazon KDP. Sure I could have messed with sending my book to a bunch of New York agents, but God gave me a mission and He cut out the middle man. Publishing on Amazon is awesome and gives unknown authors a chance to get their work in front of millions (even billions) of readers. I say cut out the middle man and let the readers decide. I don’t really care what some publishing critic says anyway. God just wanted me to get my testimony out to the world. Okay, sorry for the long comment. 🙂 Great post! God bless!

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    • Ryan, thanks for sharing your thoughts. You have some great ideas, and I appreciate following and reading your blog. I have setting goals for myself, and they are helping me have a better vision. I am considering self-publishing when I feel that I have enough quality material ready.

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  3. I started blogging only a few days back.I write to express my feelings,an outlet of emotions.I hope people who take time out to read it enjoy it.
    Informative article.Thanks for sharing

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  4. I have been blogging for about a year and a half. I have learned so much on this journey. I do love poetry, and so I have enjoyed this blog especially. When a poem resonates with us, it is a beautiful thing; the words transport us and we learn something about our own lives. We hear the words of the poet, but the poetry becomes a part of us, a part of our life story. It does not always happen. But when it happens, we know. We think to ourselves, “wow”, I have felt like this before. I know what this poem is talking about.


  5. I have only just begun, I have always wanted to blog, but somehow I never go started, I like to think God is the one in charge and led me to when it was my time. I write when the spirit moves me and I get inspired and the writing flows rapidly. So I have begun my journey and hope to be sharing for a long time yet. I enjoyed reading your words. Thank you.

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