Marching With Our Lord

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From the quiet darkness, the Enemy lurks and waits

Waiting with his empty promises, fills him with hate

Our Lord God brings much strength and power

Preparing us for battle with a Spirit that towers

An exalted, mighty fortress our God builds for us all

Defending us behind stout walls that will never fall

God prepares us to be warriors standing tall

Defeating forces of spiritual evil is God’s call

Nothing shall ever overcome God’s master plan

Remaining faithful to His word, we humbly stand

Now dressed mightily for battle with God’s sacred tools

Wearing God’s armor, we will always march to His rule

Fasten on the belt of truth that God dictates we wear

Wear the breastplate of righteousness that we bear

Carry the shield of faith always in God’s name

Strap on the helmet of salvation that we claim

The crafty Enemy desires to rule over God’s creation

Arming ourselves with the Spirit’s sword brings elation

God will triumph through us at our call

Causing the Enemy to tremble afterall

God’s chosen ally will always march at our side

Sending Christ to keep the road open and wide

The Enemy’s darkness will be penetrated by God’s light

Retreating from our Savior, who prevails with His might

God’s awesome kingdom will proudly reign for all eternity

Prevailing in His Spirit and abiding in Truth brings victory

The text references for this poem come from two sources (each is linked):  Ephesians 6:10-17 written by Apostle Paul, and the hymn “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” written by Martin Luther.


16 thoughts on “Marching With Our Lord

  1. This is so beautiful. I love the platform we have for blogging because as we try to be a witness to others, we are also being witness to, and also getting encouragement and support from others. Thanks so much for these words this morning.

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