Wintertime Blues

woman with blue eyes wrapped in a pink cloth

Photo by Jenna Hamra on

Winter arrives on schedule every year

Bringing too much snow and cold I fear

An ice storm starts off the winter season

Staying off of the roads for good reason

Later snowfall begins to pile up outside my door

Growing deeper and deeper, please no more!

Now a polar vortex is hammering my home

Blowing Arctic air all the way to my bones

For some, they say winter is truly a paradise

Thinking to myself, winter surely ain’t nice

I bundle up in many snug and warm layers

Trying to move outside without any cares

The snow has buried the sidewalk and my car

Shoveling cannot be healthy when it’s this far

I retreat back inside to be near a toasty fire

Deciding to remain in bed until winter retires

Like a bear, I stay warm while we both hibernate

Waiting for spring’s early arrival will be our fate




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