A Daughter’s Special Day

lighted happy birthday candles

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Today is the birthday of a very special woman that I know

My youngest daughter has been a pleasure to see her grow

Daughters are a gift and a blessing from God

He brings them to life with a breath and a nod

My thoughts remember joyous and special days

As she spends her precious time always at play

School days are full of exciting learning and plentiful fun

Constantly smiling to brighten another day like the sun

Academics, music, and athletics fill her heart and soul

Her achievements have been quite remarkable and full

As a teacher now, she guides and molds young minds

I especially hope that her day goes without any binds

Her sisters will leave her special greetings for sure

Their thoughts and wishes will be loving and pure

She has added an awesome husband to her astonishing life

Now she shares much of her daily time being his loving wife

How I wish that I could visit and be with her right now

To tell her of the proud feelings that her father feels—Wow!








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