Swift and Untamed Mustang

Montana 2016 144.JPG

The Ford Mustang is a classic, matchless car

It is well-known around the world near and far

Designed with a fleet and foxy frame

It is certainly destined for the Hall of Fame

The ’65 convertible is a huge favorite of mine

It fills my special memories from time to time

Lee Iococca is the man behind its creation

His pony car stirs up quite a sensation

Collectors love this car with its vintage look

For many drivers enjoy the swiftness it took

Midnight blue, ruby red, and powerful black

Are a few of its sporty colors to track

Chevy produces the Camaro to challenge Ford’s power

Only to see the Mustang make a major film that towers

Steve McQueen drives his ’68 Bullitt in a famous chase

The spectacular scenes tantalize many fans with a taste

Endless generations worship this untamed beast

Driving the Mustang is surely a fulfilling feast



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