America’s Election Night

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Voting has finally finished for another election

Americans have once again made their selections

As the election results begin to trickle in

People grow anxious to learn who will win

The past weeks have bombarded the airwaves with ads

Some of their messages are so negative and very sad

Our President arouses emotions when he expresses views

It is a sham and a shame to blame Fake News

Democrat or Republican, both sides take blame

At times our world never seems to be the same

Many look back at the past and ask to return

But so much has changed and taken a wrong turn 

Any nation is only great when its entire population

Unifies and comes together in ways that bring adoration

Falling asleep in my chair with the television still on

I awaken to see a nation coming together as one

America is the home of the brave and the land of the free

Let us all make our country as proud as it should be

This poem is more of an opinion piece.  While I am sometimes frustrated and disappointed in America, I still carry high hopes for this nation to repair its dysfunctions and act as one!  Every citizen needs to get out and vote in every election.  Each vote is important to preserving democracy in the land of the free.  Our Founding Fathers built and designed this nation to last and stay strong.  Perhaps we need to capture some of their patriotic and unselfish spirit before we go on.

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