Francois Fenelon Quote

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Children are very nice observers, and they will often perceive our slightest defects.

It is not enough to like good books.  You must be a good book yourself.

Francois Fenelon (1651-1715) was a French theologian, poet, and writer.  He has been widely remembered as the author of THE ADVENTURES OF TELEMACHUS.

1 thought on “Francois Fenelon Quote

  1. Yes, children are astute observers… not always nice, though. But always brutally honest! I remember one student looking at my fingernails that used to bend around the end of my fingers before I started strengthening them with an acrylic cover. He said, “Ooooooh, Mrs. Beekman, what is WRONG with your fingernails?” I started sitting on my hands!!


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