Freedom’s Stonewall

America’s Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. (courtesy of Pinterest)

Bruised and battered

Early morn brawl

Knockout punch felt

Still standing tall


Battleships crushed

Many lives lost

Never forget

Bearing each cost


Nation rallies

Unites as one

Called to duty

Work to be done


Together now

Fortitude speaks

Country won’t pause

Week follows week


Liberty shines

Courage rises

Grieving each loss

Flag arises


Thankful for peace

Remember all

Let’s never rest

Freedom’s stonewall

Washington D.C.: Arlington National Cemetery with the Washington Monument in the background. (courtesy of Pinterest)

This poem references images from World War II, from Pearl Harbor in 1941 to the final surrender in 1945.  America’s Memorial Day is approaching (final Monday in the month of May).  May we always remember the sacrifices of our military personnel in every war fought in this nation’s history.

7 thoughts on “Freedom’s Stonewall

  1. God bless the United States and all who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Every cemetery bears witness to the fact that our freedom is not free. Thank you for honoring the veterans!

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