New Day

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New day saying “hello”

Revitalizing voices

Inspirations aglow

Identifying choices


Horizon brightens, stirs

Reawakening today

Morning opens sunrise

Illuminating gateway


Daylight’s rhythmic tempo

Internalizing soundtrack

Soul’s eternal rainbow

Anticipating comeback


Sunset’s fading skyline

Evaporating outlook

Night’s taste of moonshine

Rejuvenating guidebook

Photo by Mo Eid on

12 thoughts on “New Day

  1. Lovely, BSB! This may not have been your intended meaning, but the second verse brought to mind early-morning quiet times on the deck with God. (Just a few more weeks and it should be warm enough!) I often DO get to watch the horizon brighten as He begins to illuminate my gateway into the day through Bible study and prayer. I love the way you captured the moments!

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