Not Ready Yet!

When he turned 60 years of age, Pete received his Golden Buckeye card in the mail.  Being officially granted “senior” status wasn’t all that he expected.

He really hadn’t put his card to use.  Quite frankly, he had forgotten about the card.  It was still hiding in his wallet, not much worse off than when it arrived in the mail.

One day, Pete wondered, “I don’t look and feel too bad.”  After all, he still walked outdoors and bicycled indoors.  He was in fairly good shape, so he thought.

Then his 80th birthday showed up, quite unannounced and definitely without any fanfare.

He guessed that everyone must be waiting to give him a rocking chair in a few years when his horsepower finally runs out.

The next morning, Pete looked into the mirror and told himself, “I’m not ready yet!”

Could this be Pete in a few years? (Courtesy of Pinterest)

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