Trivia’s Facts and More (12/17)

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This informative post will be posted on Saturday along with my usual writing.  You are invited to participate with the opening question.

Brain Teaser Question

What letter would come next in this sequence?

M,  A,  M,  J,  J,  A,  S,  O,  ___

(answer found at the end of this post)

Featured Facts

James Monroe was the 5th American President (1817-1825).  He became the fourth Virginian to serve as President (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison being the first three). 

Here are a few interesting facts about this two-term President:

  • Occupations:  farmer, lawyer
  • Schooling:  attended College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA)
  • Previous political experience:  Governor of Virginia, Secretary of War, State

Two of the most significant accomplishments of the Monroe administration were the passage of the Missouri Compromise in 1820 and the establishment of the Monroe Doctrine.  The Missouri Compromise redefined the division line between slave and free states in the Union.  The Monroe Doctrine stated that no further European colonies would be allowed in the America’s while the United States would remain neutral in European affairs.

Answer to Brain Teaser Question

N–for November

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