Coldest Darkness

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Candlelight reaches into darkness

Lasting symbol of perseverance


Winter’s persistent cold approaches

Gallant and stalwart hearts warm within


Interrupted basic needs of life

Power, heat, and water sometimes dwindle


Daily tension builds, never leaving

Terror rains down from harsh sky above


Civilians facing frequent attacks

Resilience shadows endless fear


Taking nothing today for granted

Blessed gratitude for another day


Nation’s spirit remains vigilant

Looking ahead to final breakthrough


Coldest darkness shall be overcome

Determined faces tell the world so


Always looking toward tomorrow

Morning’s light, never cast away


Everlasting dreams of victory

Proud people keep freedom’s fire glowing


Calling out to fellow world nations

Never forget lessons we teach you

Courtesy of Pinterest.

The journey of a vicious and unforgiving war in Ukraine has touched countless people in profound ways.  May a compassionate world continue to pray for this nation.  The spirit of freedom and self-determination survives each and every day.

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