Monday Memories: Never Forsaken

man sitting on edge facing sunset

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Life feels upside down

Angry with fists clenched

Barking back at God

You have forsaken me


Please, please my Lord

Don’t push me away

Heart fills with courage

Waiting for my God


Look around to witness

Patience comes to many

Those immersed in faith

Righteous saints never forsaken


God asks for perseverance

More to one’s life

Than just plain enduring

Bring me staying power


God is my stronghold

In times of distress

For those seeking him

God will never forsake


God always walks ahead

He was with Moses

He’ll be with you

Never to forsake you


Ask for God’s protection

Through faithful, fervent prayer

God’s justice will return

Never, ever be forsaken


Open hands, open arms

Looking up toward God

Submitting to my Lord

Never to be forsaken

afterglow backlit beautiful crescent moon

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Originally published June, 2019.

4 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Never Forsaken

  1. I like that your visual goes from fists clenched in a demanding posture to open hands in a posture of submission to God. Isn’t that the way most of us react when things go badly? I have tried as I age just to skip the clenched fist phase and go right to the submission part because that’s where my peace and the answer lies.

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