Monday Memories: Mercy Sends Love

From Hebrews 8:18:  “For I will be merciful toward their iniquities, and I will remember their sins no more.”

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Darkness cannot hide from His light

Our merciful God, filled with might

Walking above His creation, God choreographs

From early morning to eventual nightfall


Climbing to mountaintops, above life’s battleground

With every step, God’s always present

Witnessing just how far we’ve come

Every victory is earned through Him


We carry scars from numerous struggles

Our hearts always feel God’s presence

Receiving joy-filled Grace, always free

Truly, we never feel left alone


Almighty God comes in three persons

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit alive

Pure, perfect, faithful, and with love

God’s creation reflects His Holy plan


God sends a champion, His Son

From a cruel Cross, comes love

A dark, empty tomb brings hope

Mercy sends love in Jesus Christ


Coming to Christ, dead in sin

Christ’s eternal love washes over us

Releasing us from shackles of sin

We are redeemed, forever set free


Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior

Our new life begins through Him

Resurrection’s light, Christ has our backs

His endless love walks with us

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