Destiny Calling

Mighty Yellowstone

Accepting her role

Endless, flowing river

Onward journey, its goal


Creation’s design

Starting near Yount Peak

In and out of mountains

Deepest canyon she seeks


Marked with persistence

Tumbling over falls

Upper, Lower, Tower

Energy never stalls


Currents running free

Leaving her alone

Man forsakes building dams

Nature’s free-flowing zone


Destiny calling

Joining up as one

Big Muddy’s faithful mate

Yellowstone’s cherished run


During its 692 mile journey, the Yellowstone River journeys from the depths of Wyoming’s Absaroka Mountains and Yellowstone National Park into Montana.  Upon merging with the Missouri River just across the North Dakota border, these two mighty rivers become one.  The confluence is located near Ft. Buford and Ft. Union historic sites.  

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