Trivia’s Facts and More (7/30)

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This informative post will be posted on Saturday along with my usual writing.  Please note that the format has changed, and you are encouraged to participate with the opening question.

Brain Teaser Question

The opposite of the word PRECURSORY means:

(a) flamboyant  (b) succeeding  (c) cautious  (d) simple  (e) not planned

(answer found at the end of this post)

Featured Facts

Many readers have tasted Little Debbie bakery treats.  Some of these may have included:  Nutty Buddy, Zebra Cakes, and Swiss Roll. 

Here’s a curious question:  Where did the name “Little Debra” come from?

Founder O. D. McKee began the business in 1934.  Somehow the struggling enterprise survived the Great Depression.  In 1960, O. D. and his wife, Ruth, began selling their snack cakes with a change in the packaging.  The new image featured a smiling face of a real “Little Debbie.”  Sales began to climb to the business’ highest levels.

“Little Debbie” is Debbie McKee-Fowler, the Executive Vice President of McKee Foods, the makers of Little Debbie bakery products.  

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Answer to Brain Teaser Question

(B) PRE means before, CURS means to run.  So PRECURSORY means to run (or go) before.  The opposite is running or going after or “succeeding.”

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