Menu of Choices

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Life comes at us every day

Today’s choices have much to say


Right now, Option A looks quite good

Wishing for luck, knocking on wood


Infinite possibilities

Some become liabilities


One choice navigates life forward

Life seems so straightforward


Another turns life upside-down

Flipping plans into dark ghost town


Daily question:  What choice to make?

Tomorrow’s answer now at stake


Opportunities from choices

Watch out for temptation’s voices


Making choices, powerful tool

Please just one, become a jewel


Life’s mistakes searching for feedback

Answers help to keep us on track


Menu of choices fills desires

Lighting up our inherent fires


Near life’s hot stove, always aware

Certain choices may burn, beware


Searching with hands, hearts, and minds

Our next choice, what will it now find?


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8 thoughts on “Menu of Choices

    • Thank you Vickie. While I continue to enjoy crafting Christian poetry, stepping back into general poetic themes keeps my poet’s pen sharp. While God blesses the ability to make (wise) choices, He praises our choice to accept His Son and believe in His Word.

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  1. I choose Christ! I’ve made bad choices in my life at times~and I’m so thankful for the convictions of the Holy Spirit that led me to making better choices. I really feel those decisions led me to the best and most intimate relationship with my Heavey Father! We have TOO many choices in this way of life don’t we? Great poem, Richard, as always! Blessings to you and yours. 💛

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