Monday Memories: My Lovely Lady

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

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Each morning, she waits with calmness

Her attitude reflects poise and kindness


She cherishes conversation, sitting at my knee

Listening attentively, she enjoys being with me


Her appearance shows off beauty and her shape

Inviting me to meet her for another special date


She has become an independent thinker

Dreaming of new adventures, she tinkers


She doesn’t mind others taking a mid-day nap

Sleeping for a few winks, she’s out in a snap


She welcomes the weather on sunny days

Frowning when rain clouds gather to stay


She looks forward to sweet morning walks

Experiencing nature, she seldom ever talks


Sometimes at dusk, she lets out a fright

Watching out a window, deer in her sight


Allow me to introduce this loyal and lovely lady

She’s been a perfect friend, her name is Sadie


Sadie is an English Lab, and she is a dear friend to her family.  Sometimes, I am invited to help watch her when family is away.  As you can see, she loves her nap time.

Here is a link to the first poem featuring Sadie.  It was published back in November, 2018. 

9 thoughts on “Monday Memories: My Lovely Lady

  1. Adorable! We had three generations of labradors at one time. They have all passed away but what a memory, and great family dogs. God bless.

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    • Sandy, thank you for sharing. We have been blessed with caring for Sadie when family has been away. In fact, we will be with her again later this month. Labs are wonderful dogs.


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