Monday Memories: Man from Galilee


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Who is this man from Galilee?


Born on a cloudless, starry night

No rooms available at the inn

A feed box becomes His bed


Holy Spirit brings forth this child

Virgin Mary becomes His loving mother

Humble beginning for Christ the King


Nation of Israel burdened by hopelessness

Oppressed under cruel, harsh Roman rule

Waiting for their God fulfilling Messiah


Little do the people really know

God has arrived in their midst

Bringing a way to eternal Salvation


Who is this man from Galilee?


Mary and Joseph care for Immanuel

Angels of God watch over all

Providing wise counsel through Joseph’s dream


Sending the family to Egypt’s safety

Avoiding Herod’s bloody and inhumane wrath

Fulfilling Scripture, God calls His Son


Returning home from the Egyptian lands

A dutiful boy becomes a Nazarene

Learning the worthy trade of carpentry


At twelve, He visits Jerusalem’s temple

Amazing all with His Godly perspectives

Spending time in His Father’s House


Who is this man from Galilee?


Baptized by John at the Jordan

Spending forty days and nights alone

Tempted by the evil one’s craftiness


Facing temptations like any of us

Overcoming and banishing each of them

Materialism, hedonism, and egoism mean nothing


This Nazarene man moves to Galilee

Beginning His ministry with a purpose

Calling out to twelve imperfect men


Take up your cross, follow Me!

God’s Word becomes bread of life

Disciples now fish for lost people


Who is this man from Galilee?


Reaching out to forsaken, sinful people

Performing miracles, left and then right

Preaching the Sermon on the Mount


Turning simple water into wedding wine

Healing the sick and the lame

All signs of His glory with God


Feeding the 5,000 seems truly impossible

Walking on water before Peter’s eyes

Few can imagine His ultimate fate


Eyes and ears closed and unaware

This man called Jesus brings light

On Resurrection Day, fulfilling God’s promise


The world now knows Jesus Christ!

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10 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Man from Galilee

  1. Yes, {{{Richard}}} “This man called Jesus brings light/On Resurrection Day, fulfilling God’s promise” – – – and every day! Praise the Lord… I serve a Risen Savior, He’s in the world today! This poem of yours is timeless and beautiful!

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